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Erich and Judy Kassler 60th Wedding Anniversary

Erich and Judy Kassler will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary on Saturday, Sept. 11. The Kassler’s will have a celebration at Judy’s sister’s home in Dow, Ill. The were married on Sept. 9,1961 at Alton Calvary Southern Baptisit Church and Reverend Howard Todd Taylor officated their wedding. Judy was the daughter of Blanch and Lester Bland and was born in Dow in 1943. She attended Jerseyville High School. Erich was born in Alton in 1936 and was the son of Erich & Virginia Kassler of Godfrey, Ill. He graduated from Alton High School in 1955.

Judy has been a housewife her whole married life and has raised two children: Aleeta& Alisa.

After graduation, Erich immediately served in the United States Airforce and he served for 15 years as a AFR and ANG during his time in service. He also served in the Naval Reserve as an intelligence operative and he retired from McDonnell-Boeing in 1998 after 33 years in service ther. The Kassler’s have six grandchildren and three great grandchildren who live in Grafton, Ill.

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