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To Mama


By Carissa Sitki

Life begins with mothers. And what better time to celebrate the women who have given us life, than spring?
The time of year in which new life emerges. How lovely. How whimsical.
If you are a mother, Happy belated Mother’s Day to you. Happy belated Mother’s day to your mother, too. Living, or passed. They all deserve to be celebrated on Mother’s Day… and every day.
I’m so incredibly thankful for the long line of strong women who paved the pathway for my life. All of my grandmothers, great-grandmothers, aunts, all of them. I’d be nothing without their guidance.
My mother? My mother is the most influential and beautiful person in my world. I’m sure many look upon their mothers in a similar way. The brightest light in our lives. The first light we experience. A pure light.
My mother raised two children and is still raising the third, my ten-year-old sister. My siblings and I are so lucky to have her loving direction. I hope she knows how much she means to me. To us.
My mother is a brilliant writer. A poet. The way she can find beauty in the things, otherwise taken for granted in life, is remarkable. Things like the call of a loon, or a chilly morning. Her way with words is beyond my comprehension, or ability. She’s had a haiku published in the Illinois Times. No doubt that her work will be published in a book one day.
My mother is a culinary virtuoso. Her meals are always so delicious and cleverly crafted. We could, seemingly, have no food in the house and my mom will emerge from the kitchen with a meal that could knock the socks off of Chef Gordon Ramsay. Spaghetti, grilled fish, vegan hotdogs, hummus, broccoli cheddar soup, tabbouleh, and my personal favorite- mango burritos- she’s the best. I’ve also never had a better chocolate chip cookie in my life than the ones my mom bakes. I think she makes them with love; a secret I’ve not yet unlocked in my own cooking.
My mother always made me the prettiest Halloween costumes when I was a little girl. Even if the costume was store-bought, she would spice it up with makeup, or glitter, or accessories. She’s a true artist.
My mother always read me stories and played with me and sang to me and prayed with me. It made growing up a sad affair. Staying little meant more time spent together. Flying the nest was not an easy task.
My mother has remained my biggest supporter throughout my adult life. My number one fan. I’m pretty sure that no one has ever laughed at one of my jokes harder than she has. She constantly encourages me to follow my heart. To chase my dreams with abandon.
My mother and I talk everyday. If there was a world record for most phone calls in a single day, I’m certain we’ve broken, and re-broken it, time and time again. Some people meet their best friend at school, or at the mall, others know their best friend from day one. My mom will always be my best friend.
Thank you for everything, mom. Thank you to all mothers. Without mothers, life could not be. Mothers deserve reverence. This day. Every day.
Life begins with mothers.

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