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Election cycle continues


The mid-term election is in the books, with a few exceptions, and it’s time for the next election cycle.

Municipal and school district mid-terms will be held April 4 and candidates are already circulating petitions to have their names placed on the ballot.

Candidates could begin picking up petitions in September and have until Dec. 12-19 to file,

According to the Pike County Clerk’s office, school board candidates file their petitions in the county clerk’s office, while municipal candidates file in the city or village hall in the area where they will serve,

School board members up for re-election are:

Pikeland: Kim Ator, Mike Gerard, Curt Simonson and Ed Greening.

Pleasant Hill: Dan Peebles, John Picone and Tracy Harrison.

Western: Jeff Neese, James Brockling, Tyler Patterson, Jake Walch.

Griggsville: Eric Kunzeman, Cathy Wilson, Tasha Bartlett, Wes Dunham and Derek Kurfman.

In the county’s four biggest municipalities those up for re-election are:

Barry: Steve Schultz, Bob Dieker and Bridgette Cramsey.

Griggsville: Larry Bradshaw, Scott Bradshaw, Tom Ruble.

Pittsfield: Robert Ritchart, Paul Lennon, Bill Grimsley and Beth White.

Pleasant Hill: Rawn Hart, Kerry Springer and Randy Lippincott. Springer and Lippincott were appointed to fill unexpired terms for Michael Thomas and Lee Hannel. Hart was filling a two year term. There are two-four year terms and one-two year term to be filled.

Petitions can be picked up at the village or town office, the school district’s office, county clerk or downloaded from the internet.

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