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Illinois Valley Menu

Reservations must be made by 1 p.m. prior to the day you wish to eat. If you have made reservations and cannot attend, please notify the center at 618-498-3483.
Whole wheat bread served daily except as noted (*). 2 percent milk is served daily.
■Thursday, Feb. 2
Broccoli cheddar soup, chicken salad sandwich, three bean salad, pears, and red Jell-O with fruit
■Friday, Feb. 3
Meatloaf, mashed potatoes with gravy, mixed vegetables, peaches, and a dessert bar with fruit
■Monday, Feb. 6
Chicken Alfredo, garlic bread*, broccoli, oranges, and pudding
■Tuesday, Feb. 7
BBQ Johnny ribs, sweet potato, spinach, tropical fruit, and fruit crisp
■Wednesday, Feb. 8
Unstuffed green pepper casserole, whole wheat roll*, lima beans, rosy applesauce, and five cup salad with fruit
Menu subject to change based on product availability. Call the local center to learn about events and activities. Please make checks payable to: IVEDC. To register or to cancel your meals call 618-498-3483.

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