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Week of March 8, 2023: Cards and Contemplations

Jessica Abbott

Stay strong and keep going!

King of Cups, Page of Wands, Queen of Cups, IX of Wands
Merry meet, dear readers. Before you continue, take note: Tarot is for everyone, no matter your walk of life. While the cards have their own singular meanings, tarot is also largely intuitive and the meanings can change; no two tarot readers read the same way. This is a generalized reading, so take only what resonates with you and discard the rest.
You’re about to get a green light, reader! If you’ve had something in the works and you’ve been waiting for the right time, get going! The only thing really holding you back is yourself.
Now, don’t take that to mean you should shut rush ahead. Impulsive decisions and actions could spell your downfall before it really begins.
To really see the results you want, more forward with excitement–and a clear head. Make sure your decisions are well thought out. Then, don’t give up! There’s always going to be bumps in the road, but you shouldn’t let it keep you down. Stay resilient, even when it gets hard, because your goal is in sight and gets closer with every hurdle you face!
I hope you find something for yourself in this reading, reader. May your days be filled with love and light, even when it all feels too much; and remember to always be kind. Merry part, and merry meet again! Blessed be.
■ Jessica is a graphic designer and member of the production staff at River County News/Better Newspapers, Inc. She has lived most of her life in Jerseyville, Ill., where she is a wife, mother, artist and graphic designer. While she has done readings for others, reading tarot, at the moment, is only a hobby. She can be reached at

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