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Paid Election Letters

Paid Election Letters for Campbell Publications

All letters of endorsement of or in opposition to candidates, as well as letters from or about candidates, will be published as Paid Election Letters and are subject to a fee of $25 for up to 100 words, plus an additional 50 cents per word beyond 100. These charges are per newspaper.Graphs or photos may be submitted with paid election letters for an additional fee of $125. Photos of the candidate supported by the letter writer are accepted, though no signs with large words are permitted. Deadline is noon on Monday for publication the following Wednesday.

Paid Election Letters are to be paid for by the letter writer. If paid by another entity, that information must be provided to Campbell Publications. Payment for the appropriate amount must be received before a Paid Election Letter will be published.

Paid Election Letters must include the writer’s complete mailing address. Letters dealing with a federal candidate or issue will be published with this complete mailing address.

The newspaper may determine it legitimate for an elected official who is also a candidate to respond to an issue where that official has been specifically identified in the newspaper without their response being a Paid Election Letter. In such cases, candidates for the elected official’s office are invited to submit their own non-paid letters on the same topic without electioneering. Though exceptions are rare, the final judgment is made by the newspaper editorial staff.

If you have a question about what constitutes a Paid Election Letter, email The editor reserves the right to decline any letter.

Paid Election Letter Deadlines

The deadline to submit a Paid Election Letter is noon on Monday. The deadline to submit a negative letter about a candidate is Monday two weeks before an election.