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Looking Back 8.25.21

25 years ago

August 28, 1996

Jerry and Dorothy Stelbrink were recently honored by Modern Woodmen for the work they have done as Calhoun’s most active volunteers. The community is greatly appreciative of all of the various activities they have done.

In 1994, Dorothy was selected to be honored by the West Central Illinois Area Agency for her positive impact on the community. She was presented a certificate of lifetime achievement from Discover Women 75+, whose slogan is “In every generation, action frees our dreams.”

This was only a beginning for the Stelbrinks. They continued serving and assisting in recreation events with people in need with a spirit of enthusiasm and brightness. They are continuing this with the same spirit.

Modern Woodmen held their honorary dinner at the Barefoot in Hardin on July 31. At this time, Barbara Henderson of Modern Woodmen presented a plaque to the Stelbrinks for their work.

Diane, their daughter-in-law, commented on the many ways they have served the community.

Jerry is coordinator of the Retired Senior Volunteer Program of Calhoun and Dorothy is a member of the advisory council at Carthage, Il. They attend a meeting there every two months.

Jerry was presented a plaque for his seven years as a coordinator.

The Stelbrinks also hold a recognition dinner every year for the Calhoun Volunteers. RSVP is sponsored by a federal grant and Carl Sandburg College in Carthage.

Jerry and Dorothy were president and treasurer of the Calhoun County Senior Citizens, but had to give that up for health reasons.

They are presently volunteering in the nursing homes in Jerseyville.

Before the Great Flood of ‘93, they spent a great deal of time entertaining and visiting the patients in the Calhoun Nursing Home.

“We feel they can’t wait to do the same as soon as our local nursing home opens.”

They spent many hours in the Calhoun Community Library when help was needed in cataloguing books, repairing books, sorting cards and just about any task they were asked to do and always with enthusiasm and a smile.

Jerry and Dorothy are the parents of two sons, John of Hardin and Bob of Decatur, and five grandchildren, Jerry Wade of Hannibal, Jamie Johnes of Godfrey, Jonna and Dusty of Hardin and Shannon Stelbrink of Mississippi.

They have two great grandchildren, Danielle Wade and Alyssa Johnes.

50 years ago

August 26, 1971

A St. Louis man has been charged with burglary and placed in the Calhoun jail after he attempted to rob the St. Joseph’s Catholic Church parish in Meppen Monday evening.

Donald J. Vitale of Black Jack, St. Louis County, was arrested by Cork Sibley, Calhoun’s Deputy Sheriff, at the parish house in Meppen at 8:30 p.m.

Officials planned to have him arraigned in court Tuesday.

The would-be burglar had “jimmied” the front door of the home and had pulled the safe into the hallway.

When he was taken he was in the act of trying to open the safe, according to police.

The townspeople of Meppen became suspicious of the man when he had inquired earlier in the evening where the parish house was located and other information about the area.

Residents of Meppen had the house surrounded when the sheriff’s office was called and notified of the possible robbery attempt.

Apparently the man was afraid he would not fare too well at the hands of the irate citizens, but when Deputy Sibley, a law enforcement officer, arrived, he came out of the house to surrender to him.

75 years ago

August 22, 1946

The 1946 Illinois State Fair, which closed a 10-day run last Sunday, drew a record attendance of 1,001,341 for the 90-year old exposition, fair officials announced.

The previous high attendance was 624,000 for the nine-day fair in 1941.

The new mark was set despite bad weather during most of the ten days.

Largest single day crowds were 251,000 on Veteran’s Day, Aug. 11, and 168,000 on Governor’s Day, Aug. 15.

100 years ago

August 25, 1921

1921 AdThis advertisement appeared in the Calhoun News in the Aug. 25, 1921 edition.

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