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Week of Nov. 16, 2022–Cards and Contemplations

Looking at the big picture after success

Merry meet, dear readers. Before you continue, take note: Tarot is for everyone, no matter your walk of life. While the cards have their own singular meanings, tarot is also largely intuitive and the meanings can change; no two tarot readers read the same way. This is a generalized reading, so take only what resonates with you and discard the rest.

It’s a wonderful feeling, putting in the work and seeing it pay off in the ways you want to. This week especially, I feel there will be success and with it, a sense of stability you’ve been looking for, that perhaps wasn’t there before.

For some, this could be concerning finances; you’ve been working towards a more stable household and now you’re seeing it all come together. I also see that for some, it is concerning your health, mental and physical, and how it has been affecting you and your relationships. Whatever it may be, you’re seeing the results you want. Be proud of yourself!

Jessica Abbott

It’s only natural to want to hold onto your success now that you’ve put in the work and earned it. The work doesn’t completely end once you’ve seen the results, but don’t forget to take the time to rest and enjoy what you’ve earned. Be careful; it’s easy to let yourself become overprotective of the results of your success, afraid it could disappear if you don’t hold onto it tightly to your chest. This could have the opposite result and you might find yourself unbalanced and unable to adapt to sudden changes. For some, have you found that things have plateaued and you’re afraid of what will happen going forward?

If you find yourself floundering, take a breath and step back. Look at all the information around you and your achievements, and make plans to get everything back on track. Don’t be afraid to seek help, and delegate some of your burden to those who can better handle it, especially if you’ve perhaps been feeling like you’ve got a lot on your shoulders as you’ve been doing most of the work by yourself. Don’t let the fear of losing what you have hold you back from continuing forward.

Once you’ve regained your sense of balance, you’ll be ready to move forward without fear and with a new sense of excitement and adventure.

I hope you find something for yourself in this reading, reader. May your days be filled with love and light, even when it all feels too much; and remember to always be kind. Merry part, and merry meet again! Blessed be.


ν Jessica is a graphic designer and member of the production staff at River County News/Better Newspapers, Inc. She has lived most of her life in Jerseyville, Ill., where she is a wife, mother, artist and graphic designer. While she has done readings for others, reading tarot, at the moment, is only a hobby. She can be reached at

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